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In the cozy community of Granite Bay, California, a home gets a much-needed upgrade courtesy of the skilled team at Dr J’s Hardwood Flooring & Epoxy Coatings. Today’s task was particularly special—it involved revamping a staircase with brand-new LVP flooring installation.

The day kicked off with a focus on cleanliness and safety. Dr J’s team took great care to ensure a tidy workspace, using protective plastic and HEPA air scrubbers to minimize dust and maintain a healthy environment for both homeowners and crew members alike.

With the stage set, attention turned to the staircase overhaul. The first order of business was removing the old flooring materials—carpet, padding, and tack strips—to prepare the surface for its fresh new look.

Once the old materials were cleared away, the team meticulously prepped the stairs for the installation of the stylish LVP flooring. This involved precise trimming of edges and addressing any squeaks or uneven spots to ensure a smooth and sturdy foundation.

The pivotal moment arrived with the use of specialized sanding equipment to clean and refine each step, creating the perfect surface for the new LVP flooring to adhere to securely.

Moving outdoors, the team diligently prepped the new LVP stair nosing for installation, ensuring optimal adhesion for a flawless finish in Granite Bay, CA. With each piece carefully cut and measured, they were ready to bring the vision to life.

Beginning at the top of the  staircase and working methodically downward, the team expertly installed the new LVP flooring with precision and care. Using a combination of adhesive and top nails, they secured each piece in place, paying close attention to detail to ensure a seamless transition from step to step.

Once the LVP staircase installation was complete, the team took extra precautions to safeguard their handiwork, advising the homeowner to refrain from edge on the stairs nosing for 24 hours to allow the adhesive to set properly.

The end result was nothing short of spectacular—a beautifully transformed staircase that not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the home but also provided long-lasting durability and comfort for years to come in Granite Bay, CA.

For Dr J’s Hardwood Flooring & Epoxy Coatings, today’s job was more than just about installing flooring—it was about elevating the overall comfort and style of the home, one step at a time. As the homeowner marveled at their newly renovated staircase in Granite Bay, CA, it was evident that Dr J’s had delivered excellence yet again, leaving a lasting impression of craftsmanship and quality.

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