Restoring History: Dr. J’s Hardwood Flooring & Epoxy Coatings Transforms the Women’s Club of Lincoln, CA

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Nestled within the historic Women’s Club of Lincoln, CA, lay a century-old maple floor in dire need of floor refinishing services and restoration. Tasked with this challenge, Dr. J’s Hardwood Flooring & Epoxy Coatings embarked on a journey to revitalize this iconic space. Join us as we detail the meticulous process undertaken to breathe new life into this cherished venue.

Revitalizing the Maple Floor:

The maple floor, worn by years of neglect, exhibited uneven swelling and extensive damage. Dr. J’s employed a rigorous four-step sanding process, meticulously addressing imperfections and seamlessly integrating new maple material. Utilizing top-tier products, including commercial sport maple floor finish, the team applied two coats of sealer followed by two coats of (super sport MVP)water-based finish for enduring quality.

Meeting Strict Deadlines:

With the Women’s Club eager to resume activities, Dr. J’s adhered to a strict timeline, delivering the finished project ahead of schedule. Employing professional Equipment, long working hours, and techniques to get the job completed on time ahead of schedule. Our team put up plastic protection and use HEPA vacuum and deploy auto Air scrubbers systems ensured cleanness  throughout project. 

Transforming the Kitchen with Epoxy Coatings:

Expanding their expertise, Dr. J’s transformed the club’s kitchen with commercial epoxy coatings. Removing old sheet vinyl and installing new plywood, the team meticulously prepared the surface for epoxy application. Utilizing a flex epoxy base coat and decorative flakes, they created a visually stunning and resilient flooring solution perfect for commercial kitchens.

Seamless Integration of Tradition and Modernity:

The project’s culmination seamlessly blended tradition and modernity within the Women’s Club. From the restored maple floor exuding timeless elegance to the contemporary flair of the epoxy-coated kitchen, every detail reflects Dr. J’s commitment to craftsmanship and innovation.


Through meticulous attention to detail, adherence to deadlines, and dedication to excellence, Dr. J’s Hardwood Flooring & Epoxy Coatings has revitalized the Women’s Club of Lincoln, CA. This restoration ensures that the club’s rich history endures while providing a modern, inviting space for generations to come.

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