Sculpting Elegance: Dr Js Hardwood Flooring Transforms Sun City Lincoln Hills with Epoxy Magic

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In the heart of Sun City Lincoln Hills, Dr Js Hardwood Flooring recently undertook a remarkable project that redefines the essence of sophistication and durability. The client’s desire for a flooring upgrade led to a comprehensive job that showcased the company’s expertise in epoxy coatings.

The first step in this transformative journey involved profiling the top surface. Dr Js Hardwood Flooring went above and beyond, removing the total top layer to open up the concrete pours. This meticulous process was crucial to allow the new epoxy coatings to penetrate the slab effectively, ensuring a bond that lasts.

Utilizing commercial-grade materials, the team then embarked on the application of wet epoxy, a key component in the process. Broadcasting flakes into the wet epoxy became the next mesmerizing step. The term “to rejection” was at the forefront, signifying the team’s commitment to covering every square inch with these decorative flakes. The result is a floor that not only boasts strength and resilience but also exudes a unique aesthetic appeal.

What sets this project apart is the customer’s decision to elevate the design further by covering the side stem wall with epoxy and flakes. This additional touch not only adds continuity to the space but also showcases Dr Js Hardwood Flooring’s versatility and dedication to meeting client preferences.

Once the epoxy cures, it locks in the flakes, creating a seamless and visually stunning surface. To ensure longevity and protection, the team applied a commercial-grade top coat. For this particular project, Dr Js Hardwood Flooring opted for a polyaspartic top coat, known for its exceptional durability and rapid curing properties.

Sun City Lincoln Hills now boasts a residence with floors that are not only durable and easy to maintain but also radiate a luxurious charm. Dr Js Hardwood Flooring, with their commitment to excellence and attention to detail, has once again delivered a flooring transformation that exceeds expectations.

If you’re in the Sun City Lincoln Hills area and envisioning a flooring upgrade that combines strength with elegance, Dr Js Hardwood Flooring is your trusted partner. Experience the magic of epoxy coatings with a team that turns visions into reality – where innovation meets sophistication.

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