Unlocking the Mysteries Behind LVP Flooring Buckling: Expert Insights with Dr. Js Hardwood Flooring & Epoxy Coatings

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Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) flooring, celebrated for its durability and aesthetic allure, can face challenges such as buckling. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the intricate causes of LVP flooring buckling, offering detailed insights and preventive measures. Partnering with Dr. Js Hardwood Flooring & Epoxy Coatings, your trusted flooring experts in Placer County, we bring you expert advice to ensure your floors remain resilient and beautiful and buckle-free.

1. Excessive Heat and Sunlight

Placer County’s abundant sunlight is a blessing, but it can pose challenges for LVP flooring. Prolonged exposure to intense sunlight and high temperatures may lead to buckling. Dr. Js Hardwood Flooring & Epoxy Coatings emphasizes strategic solutions like window coverings to regulate sunlight, adding tint to windows, and careful placement of rugs or mats in sun-prone areas, ensuring your LVP floors remain in optimal condition.

2. Improper Furniture Handling

As seasoned flooring contractors, Dr. Js Hardwood Flooring & Epoxy Coatings highlights the significance of proper furniture handling to prevent LVP buckling. Their expertise encourages homeowners to lift, not drag, furniture, minimizing the risk of edge catching and adhesive compromise. This careful approach protects your investment and maintains the flawless appearance of your floors. Always protect Flooring with ram board if you’re gonna be moving heavy furniture. Floating LVP is not a good choice for someone in a wheelchair.

3. Humidity and Moisture Challenges

With their experience in epoxy coatings, Dr. Js understands the importance of addressing moisture issues, particularly in concrete subfloors common in Placer County. Integrating underlayment with vapor barriers, sealers such as WB sealer or Epoxy sealers, and Luxury Vinyl underlayment becomes crucial. Dr. Js recommends sealing every floor before installation, and the installation of a 6-mil vapor barrier directly over the subfloor is highly recommended to combat moisture and enhance LVP longevity. Without either a liquid sealer or a 6mil poly under your new LVP Flooring. Taking a big gamble for your new Lvp to  Buckle.

4. Subfloor Issues

Serving as a flooring expert in Placer County, Dr. Js Hardwood Flooring & Epoxy Coatings understands the significance of meticulous subfloor preparation. Uneven or damaged subfloors can lead to buckling, making it imperative to address imperfections before installing LVP flooring. Their commitment to excellence ensures your flooring project stands the test of time. Using professional equipment from Our Grinding machine to our Hepa Vacuums. These  Tools help ensure your subfloor will be flat and level to prevent LVP floor buckling.

5. Heavy Furniture Considerations

When installing LVP flooring in your home or business, it’s crucial to take into account the weight of heavy furniture or items.  Can pin your LVP flooring causing it to Buckle and not allowing it to expand and contract Dr. Js Hardwood Flooring & Epoxy Coatings emphasizes that improper distribution of heavy items can hinder the natural expansion and contraction of the flooring material, ensuring adequate space for movement is essential to prevent buckling over time.

6. Installer Techniques

The expertise of the installer plays a pivotal role in the longevity of LVP flooring. Dr. Js Hardwood Flooring & Epoxy Coatings highlights that excessive pressure applied on flooring during the installation of baseboards can restrict the flooring’s ability to expand and contract. Proper installation techniques are crucial to avoiding unnecessary pressure on the material and potential buckling issues.

7. Expansion Joints and Door Jambs

Overlooking the importance of expansion joints and underestimating the significance of proper spacing under door jambs can lead to LVP flooring buckling. Dr. Js recommends incorporating the right expansion joints on each side of the walls and beneath door jambs. This thoughtful approach allows the flooring material to adjust to environmental changes, preventing undue pressure and maintaining the integrity of your floors.


Partnering with Dr. Js Hardwood Flooring & Epoxy Coatings, your trusted flooring contractor in Placer County, guarantees expert insights into preventing and mitigating LVP flooring buckling. From regulating sunlight to meticulous subfloor preparation, these detailed measures preserve the beauty and resilience of your floors. With Dr. Js Hardwood Flooring & Epoxy Coatings we are on your side, you can confidently enjoy the enduring allure of your LVP flooring for years to come. Buckle free. 

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